Welcome Jingming Li, B2B Payments Leader from Alibaba, eBay and HSBC

Join us in welcoming former AliPay US President Jingming Li to the TangoTrade team as an advisor. I encourage you to reach out to him if you’ve worked together. He’s excited to tell you how TangoTrade could change the equation for growth-minded SMBs. Why is Jingming’s perspective important for TangoTrade?

Jingming was on the front lines driving Alibaba to become the leading marketplace. During his 7 years at Alibaba/AliPay he oversaw thousands of engineers and helped create one of the world’s largest payment platform services used by hundreds of millions with processing capabilities integrating 100+ financial institutions representing trillions of China RMB in transaction value annually. He oversaw the world record of 105 million online transactions of $20 billion RMB.

We at TangoTrade have always viewed Alibaba as a leading light for B2B commerce. Alibaba was able to provide participants innovative tools and build trust. When Jingming explained Alibaba’s rise to Steve Forbes, he noted the importance of tools and trust. This approach has resulted in notable success: in the first quarter last year alone it was reported that Alibaba.com’s revenue from international wholesale sales increased 14% y/y to US$278 million. 

Jingming was the founding President of Alipay US, the Alibaba payment platform. He also served as Acting President of Ant Financial International, CTO of AliPay and VP, Alibaba Cloud. Other roles include VP of Payment Platforms at eBay where he focused on next generation payment functionality. His engineering leadership includes roles at HSBC, Sun Microsystems and Netscape. He holds engineering degrees from Carlton and Beihang Universities.

As TangoTrade engages international suppliers all over the world — including in Asia Pacific — we’ve brought on board Jingming to guide us on go-to-market activities and to help us communicate the value proposition to SMBs as well as with channel partners. Chinese suppliers can now unlock buying power as their buying customers qualify for financing. At the same time, these Chinese suppliers achieve payment assurance. The Chinese suppliers will no longer face the painful payment risk and will benefit not only through lower costs but also from expanded revenues. 

Sam Hayes