Tempus rolling out Payment Assurance to 50,000 clients

The TangoTrade team and I are very pleased to announce the launch of Payment Assurance with Tempus, a leading foreign exchange and international payment solutions company.  Based in Washington DC and part of the global Monex group, one of the world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers, Tempus leverages a combined annual FX volume over $150 billion to help clients from a broad range of industries and is consistently ranked by Bloomberg as a top G10 currency forecaster.

Tempus is rolling out Payment Assurance to their client base of more than 50,000 clients worldwide to reinvent the letter of credit for small and medium sized importers and exporters.  As Juan Pablo Carriedo, CEO of Tempus, says in our press release: “By partnering with TangoTrade to launch Payment Assurance, Tempus is extending our commitment to simplifying payment by delivering innovative FX solutions and unmatched market expertise to our clients conducting business around the world.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself!

To learn more about how Payment Assurance is helping Tempus importer and exporter clients, check out the Tempus website.

Also, to view our full press release, click here.

~Scott Reynolds, CEO, TangoTrade