TangoTrade & Our Commitment to Diverse Perspectives

At TangoTrade, we believe that diverse perspectives help bring great outcomes – diversity of opinion, as well as diversity of race, gender and country of origin.  Since we are serving customers from around the world, we can’t expect a single perspective to sufficiently understand the range of challenges faced by our end users.  

Our founding team reflects some — but certainly not all — of this diversity. All three founders all come from different countries: I grew up and went to college in Canada, Diego is from Argentina, and Sam is an American born in the East, raised in the Middle and living in the West.  Also, we’ve all spent significant time living outside of our home country, with Sam spending part of his youth in Australia, Diego working for 10 years in the US, and me living and working in Japan and Argentina.

In our mission to reinvent the letter of credit, we are tackling a tool that has existed at least as far back as the Medici bank in the 15th century.  Clearly, we need fresh thinking and a diversity of perspectives to tackle this musty old, yet remarkably enduring, payment service.  With our international team, we feel that we’re in a great position to build a truly innovative solution to enable small and medium sized businesses to effectively participate in global markets.

Obviously, diversity is about more than geography.  We are committed to continuing to build out our diverse team and fostering a culture of inclusion.  It will be an ongoing effort, and challenge, to recruit the best and the brightest from all walks of life.  Importantly, we believe our success depends on it.

~Scott Reynolds, CEO, TangoTrade