For Importers and Exporters

“’Open Account’ trade now accounts for the bulk of transactions. That is fine for big corporations, less so for SMBs. There would be more risk mitigation if it weren’t such a pain” – Thomas Olsen of Bain & Co (The Economist 3/22/2018)

TangoTrade’s secure payment solution enables importers and exporters to conduct trade
cost-effectively and without the pain and complexity of a letter of credit.

We know that international trade can be risky. TangoTrade is here to help.

Helping importers and exporters expand their international trade

Low Fees

TangoTrade fees are a fraction of the typical Letter of Credit


By stripping out the complexity, TangoTrade makes it easy to conduct a secure payment


Bonded, insured and built with bank-grade security


Companies of all sizes can access financing and avoid payment risks

What’s wrong with the traditional letter of credit?

7-10 days – average time for Letter of Credit issuance (Cognizant, 2017)

70% - rejection rate by banks for Letter of Credit documents due to discrepancies
(International Chamber of Commerce, 2017)

92% - total US trade finance controlled by the top 5 banks (US Federal Reserve, 2015)

74% - percentage of SMB credit applications declined by large banks (Biz2Credit Lending Report, 2018)