For Importers & Exporters

We know that international trade can be risky.
TangoTrade is here to help.

TangoTrade Payment Assurance reduces the risks of international trade payments for small and medium sized importers and exporters.

Simple and effective process

TangoTrade Payment Assurance enables buyers and suppliers to negotiate shipment terms and then holds full payment securely until the shipment documents have been validated. This way, both sides on an import / export transaction are protected.

Expanding global trade

Importers: Source Worldwide Securely

Purchase from suppliers around the world without worrying about not receiving their shipment

Exporters: Ship With Confidence

Ship goods knowing that full payment is held securely and will be released upon shipment verification

Simple Online Process

No more paper forms. The entire transaction can be managed easily from your computer or mobile device.

Security You Can Trust

Bonded, insured and built with bank-grade security to ensure you and your payments are fully protected.

A better alternative to letters of credit

7-10 days – average time for Letter of Credit issuance (Cognizant, 2017)

70% - rejection rate by banks for Letter of Credit documents due to discrepancies
(International Chamber of Commerce, 2017)

92% - total US trade finance controlled by the top 5 banks (US Federal Reserve, 2015)

74% - percentage of SMB credit applications declined by large banks (Biz2Credit Lending Report, 2018)