About Us


TangoTrade expands global trade for small and medium sized businesses. For us, this means opening up new financing options, reducing risk for importers and exporters, taking the pain and complexity out of international trade, and applying the optimal technology like blockchain and smart contracts to solve these challenges. We’re starting by reinventing the outdated letter of credit and we believe that this is just the beginning. TangoTrade aims to be a trusted partner to our partners and end users around the world by improving trade opportunities for importers and exporters globally.


Sam Hayes

President & Co-Founder Full Bio

Diego Sabaris

CTO & Co-Founder Full Bio

Tim French

General Counsel Full Bio

Jay Hansen

Former COO & VP eBay Americas Full Bio

Greg Kidd

Co-Founder & CEO, GlobalID Full Bio

Guy Rey-Herme

CEO & President, XVELA Full Bio

Jingming Li

Former Founding President AliPay US Full Bio

Sean Linehan

Former VP Product, Flexport Full Bio

Scott Reynolds

Co-founder and Advisor Full Bio

Alex Antebi

Partner, ObiCapital Full Bio
TangoTrade is backed by leading financial technology investors.